Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Peppermint Fun Bar

So, before Christmas I was working on some peppermint soap. I read a tip that a tiny amount of blue coloring would make clear soap look even clearer...but the only blue dye I had on hand was food coloring. So I thought it was worth a try. I just used one drop. But...apparently it was too big of a drop. So I ended up with blue soap. Oh well. I just set it aside to use later.

Well, later came and I pulled out that peppermint scented, blue soap. I'm sorry but peppermint and blue was NOT what I had in mind. Winterfresh and blue...fine. But peppermint should be know, like a candycane? And I didn't want red that Christmas was over. (I'm OCD that

I stood there and stared at that soap trying to come up with the perfect fix...and couldn't. So I decided to just have fun with it. And hence, the Peppermint Fun Bar was born! :-D

This bar is also for sale on Etsy. :)

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