Monday, February 25, 2013

At Least I Had Fun!

So, I was very excited when my new Strawberry Fragrance Oil arrived in the mail...along with Strawberry Seeds! Oooo...this was gonna be so fun!

I got started on my Strawberry Soap-

I poured layer 1...oh, my goodness it smelled so stinkin' good!!!! *do not lick not lick not lick spoon...* :)

See the seeds?-

Then I started the green layer...'cause every proper strawberry has a green hat on top!
...poured it on top of the red layer...
Then I waited. And waited. And waited. And... I really have to keep waiting?

Finally! Oh, looks amazing!

Except that my seeds didn't stay suspended. Some floated to the top and some to the bottom. I must have poured it too soon. Oh, well.

But the real disappointment was when I cut the loaf into bars. My layers separated!!!

So I remelted it all and tried again...making sure to follow the directions carefully. Still fell apart. I'm thinking maybe the seeds aren't letting the layers stick together? I dunno. Oh, least I had fun trying.


  1. Well that stinks that your layers fell apart! Well, now you can cut the green layers into smaller sizes (like half) and let the littles have some "me" sized soaps! I bet it does smell lovely!

  2. Thanks for leaving a comment! Yes, it's a good thing that my soap falling apart didn't mean it was ruined! I remelted the green and poured it into little flower molds. The kids will love it!


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