Thursday, April 11, 2013

Pendant's made from Scrabble tiles?!

The title of this post was my initial reaction when I first heard about the top selling jewelry shop, Home Studio. But, after all, it was listed as the top selling shop so I decided to check into it, mainly out of idle curiosity.

Let me tell you, as soon as I saw their adorable pendants I fell in love! And, since they were having a sale at the time, I just couldn't resist that "add to cart" button. :-D

Here are the two that I bought-

They have so many designs to choose from! (I just happened to love these two quotes.) Click here to go check them out! Before you finish ordering, make sure you have a chain in your cart too, if you don't already have a spare in your jewelry box!


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  1. Thank you for blogging about your necklaces! I've pinned them so you'll get more traffic to your blog. Have a happy day!
    ~ HomeStudio


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